Vorgano hallway

Vorgano's design captivates with its organic lines reminiscent of forms taken from nature and with the exciting contrast of the natural opposites of wood and iron. Practical functions provide meaningful added value, with exceptional design details making the line a real eye-catcher in any room.

Holz Querschnitt Illustration

Primordial materials, such as wood and iron, in an exciting symbiosis of materials through the power of nature.

Product highlights

Movable hooks

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Product highlights

Small rooms - big ideas

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Product highlights

Functional & practical

The supplied magnetic pen is perfectly suited for memos on the iron rear panel.

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Product highlights

Individuality for every hallway

The slight curvature of an elegant, solid-wood door made from tree bark, forms the centerpiece of this wall mounted coat rack. There are models available with an interior mirror on the door.

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Endless combinations

Material guide

We can give you countless ways of matching our furniture to your personal preference.



Accent iron
Montan (leather)

Robust, soft cowhide nappa leather with distinctive surface texture (mill grain pattern) and high-quality colour pigments.

LR pure white
LW cream
LA azure blue
LO coco
LV congnac
LK pebble
LM stone
LY brick red
LP cenere
LL oceano
LN anthracite
LX burgundy
LU caffé
LZ army green
LT testa di moro
LS black
Vintage (fabric)

VQ quartz
VB bronze
VT terra
VM moor
Loden (fabric)

MG grey white
MT tundra brown
MB basalt grey
Chalet (fabric)

CP pearl
CK pebble
CU umbra grey
CV vidal black
Curl (fabric)

CN natural
CM melange
CW warm grey
CS steel
CO olive
CT timber
CD dark blue
CR royal red
CB black