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Media element with brains

The extendable media element guarantees easy installation of the cables of various devices. The E-repeater channels the radio waves of remote controls to the devices inside the furniture. The media lowboard is fitted out with acoustic materials, which direct the sound faithfully through the door front.


V-Solid – an interpretation of Alpine archaism and innovative design, surrounded by plenty of useful features. The cut beam, which is not only decorative but also acts as a carrier for wood and hanging glass elements on the wall, is a real eye-catcher in all living room wall units. The newly developed “Cube” coffee table family in its solid design is captivating with its charm and function and is a true eye-catcher around the sofa. The V-Solid model combines urbanity and tradition. Whether city or country, the furniture fits into any room environment. The combination of different materials such as wood and glass results in a unique ambience – bringing nature to urban living.