History and facts
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History and facts

90 years of tradition!


1932 – Business founded by master carpenter Sebastian Gschwandtner.


1956 – Formation of a company by Sebastian and Markus Gschwandtner and David Zwilling.


1987 – Company split into two areas of business – „VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT” and „VOGLAUER MÖBEL”.


2005 – „VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT“ specialises in custom room concepts and „VOGLAUER MÖBEL” in design-focused natural wood furniture.


2010 – „VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT“ establishes itself as a unique service provider working from rough interior designs all the way down to the last detail, while at the same time acting as the perfect facilitator between builders and architects.


2018 – VOGLAUER works as a general contractor for many well-known international clients with top references for complete interior design and multi-level planning projects, from CI development to the final interior design concept.