The Crystal in Obergurgl
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The Crystal in Obergurgl

The Crystal is Europe’s first hotel at 2000 meters above sea level, which relies on renewable energy to 100%. Whilst the renovation the hotel owners relied to 100% on Voglauer hotel concept and have chosen us as a general contractor for the renovation of the lobby and the bar, 6 lifestyle suites and 24 bathrooms.


Lifestyle re-thought. Intensive. Refined. Strong character. In the centre of the attractive mountain landscape of Obergurgl in one of the most exceptional hotels in the Ötz Valley. Designs that touch you. And a feel for colours that gives each room its own charm. To invite you to come along on a trip to enchant your senses.


Let yourself be seduced by the magic of the unique lifestyle of the hotel in the Ötz Valley and become one of the first people to discover the newly opened luxury rooms of the hotel.