Hilton Vienna Park
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Hilton Vienna Park

AT – Vienna
Renovation of 663 rooms and suites including corridors in Austria’s largest hotel in a joint venture with List smart results GmbH
Goddard Littlefair
Project management

“The complete renovation of the 663 rooms & suites at the Hilton Vienna Park was a great achievement by the joint venture between VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT and List smart results GmbH, which was very impressive to me in view of the complexity and dimension.”

Norbert B. Lessing // Area General Manager Hilton Austria
VIEHI_King Premium Room with Park View_Hilton Vienna_01
VIEHI_Twin Guest Room Premium, Twin Premium Room with Panorama View, Twin Premium Room with Park View_Hilton Vienna_02
VIEHI_King Premium_Guest Room, Room Panorama View, Room Park View, Corner Room Panorama View_Hilton Vienna_04
VIEHI_King One Bedroom Suite with Panorama View_Hilton Vienna_01
VIEHI_King Junior Suite with Park View_Hilton Vienna_01
VIEHI_Grand Panorama Loft_Hilton Vienna_01
VIEHI_Grand Park Suite_05

The Hilton Vienna Park, Austria’s largest hotel, was renovated within a period of just over a year. As the general contractor, VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT was responsible for the renovation of 663 rooms and suites, as well as corridors in a joint venture with LIST SMART RESULTS GmbH. VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT provided the built-in furniture and all construction services, ranging from site installation to the handover of keys to the finished rooms.


Both the scale of the project and the central location of the hotel required exceptional construction site logistics. Two 48-metre high construction site lifts along the facade and a 40-metre long transport ramp were erected as part of the construction works.


The project was implemented without interrupting hotel operations. Throughout the entire period, 300 rooms were renovated in different phases of construction. Thanks to the expert and perfectly coordinated project management on the part of VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT, the fully renovated rooms were successfully handed over while the project was still in progress.


Basically, three different types of hotel rooms were fitted out. In addition to the luxurious standard rooms in their green colour scheme, the executive rooms in the design of the suites on the higher floors are of even more premium quality. The spacious suites in their blue and gold colour scheme offer a particularly pleasant atmosphere thanks to the additional living space they offer.


The timeless interior design of the 663 rooms and suites is a tribute to classicism. The built-in furniture was realized with light and dark veneered oak. Elegant stucco, the combination of geometric patterns in the wallpaper and carpets as well as interior elements in high-quality materials underscore the character.


Thanks to many years of experience and its unique expertise, VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT is able to rise to the challenge and achieve results with projects even of this magnitude!


Photos © Hilton Vienna Park

“I was very impressed by the permanent support of the project and construction management on site with numerous intermediate approvals during ongoing hotel operations. The cooperation with the joint venture between VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT and List smart results GmbH was a complete success.”

Ronald Diesenreiter // Hotel Manager Hilton Vienna Park
Demolition & Disassembly
Dry Construction
Floors, Walls & Ceiling
Electrical Work
Fire Protection
Bathroom & Sanitary Works
Interior Design / Furniture

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