The Vrock model combines the archaic mountain world with the modern, puristic form and brings a real alpine feel to the living space.

Holztisch mit schwarzer geschwungenen Sitzbank und Stühlen vor Esszimmerschrank


The Valpin model in reclaimed oak captivates with modernity and natural authenticity. It is reminiscent of old farm buildings and sets the ambience in an Alpine context.

Dunkles Sofa und Teppisch vor Holzwohnwand mit grauem Hängeelement und Fernseher


The Vmontanara furniture line thrives on the polarising interplay of the unique cleft-wood design shingle and the urban sleek clarity of glass.


Fine contour lines in metal in the meticulously crafted cabinet furniture give Vcuben a charm of its own. Innovative seating with award-winning table design complement the Vcuben model range.


Vorgano's design captivates with its organic lines reminiscent of forms taken from nature and with the exciting contrast of the natural opposites of wood and iron.


Vvaganto surprises with many positive attributes. Gracefully slender lines in a stunning choice of materials make the bedroom range an absolute highlight.


Committed to the Alpine brand core, Voglauer has developed a unique bathroom concept, "Vquell", for the bathroom. Familiar from many a mountain pasture, this new bathroom was modelled on a drinking t

What makes Voglauer so unique.



Taking into account the green and social environment, natural wood is processed ecologically and, at the same time, creates a healthy and balanced indoor climate because wood, as a natural building material, provides energy, warmth and a sense of well-being.



As a traditional manufacturer of natural wooden furniture, Voglauer demonstrates time and again that authenticity, innovation and modern design are no contradiction.



Our furniture is made by people who practise the craft in the region. This can be felt through clever functions for added convenience whereby, in addition to contemporary design, exacting demands are also placed on functionality and ergonomics.