The Voglauer brand has always been synonymous with the sustainable use of the resources that are provided by nature. This is why only timber from sustainably managed forests is used in the production process, which means that production is fully in tune with the cycle of nature.

schematische Darstellung eines Querschnittes von einem Baum
Our quality promise

We guarantee to grow a new tree to replace the one you bring into your home as furniture!


Ecolabels for:
  • Raw material and energy consumption
  • Tested ingredients
  • Emissions
  • Disposal / Recycling
  • Packaging
  • Power generation through in-house hydropower
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Golden M:
  • Certified quality
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Healthy living
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Climate Alliance:
  • Conscious waiver of air conditioning systems due to special night-ventilation system.
  • Temperature in production facilities max. 18 to 20°C
  • Energy comes from renewable energy sources
  • Shuttle service for employees

Highest performance standards for our furniture

At our quality centre, our furniture undergoes a many different surface, material and  stress tests so as to ensure that we give you a product that will last and last.

Thoroughly tested

All of our furniture's components are tested for functionality as often as possible.


is our top priority which is why our cover materials are also tested for compliance with the standards in abrasion and scuffing tests.

Maschine zum Testen der Abriebsfestigkeit von Bezugsmaterialien
Made in Austria

Voglauer furniture from Austria. This is where you will be purchasing the ultimate in quality and natural authenticity!

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