Committed to the Alpine brand core, Voglauer has developed a unique bathroom concept, "Vquell", for the bathroom. A drinking trough, familiar from many a mountain pasture, provided the basis on which this new bathroom was modelled. This lets the washbasin vanity unit evoke a sense of Alpine well-being. Inspired by nature, "Vquell" combines Alpine zeitgeist with design and craftsmanship.

Holz Querschnitt Illustration

The power and nature from the Alps, as a source of inspiration.

Product highlights

Integrated laundry flap door

Product highlights

100% craftsmanship

perfectly crafted details bring smooth performance to V-Quell

Product highlights

Hairdryer shelf behind glass

Endless combinations

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We can give you countless ways of matching our furniture to your personal preference.



glass white
Acrylic stone white