Committed to the Alpine brand core, Voglauer has developed a unique bathroom concept, "Vquell", for the bathroom. A drinking trough, familiar from many a mountain pasture, provided the basis on which this new bathroom was modelled. This lets the washbasin vanity unit evoke a sense of Alpine well-being. Inspired by nature, "Vquell" combines Alpine zeitgeist with design and craftsmanship.

Holz Querschnitt Illustration

The power and nature from the Alps, as a source of inspiration.

Product highlights

Integrated laundry flap door

Product highlights

100% craftsmanship

perfectly crafted details bring smooth performance to V-Quell

Product highlights

Loads of space

the distinctive "trough" shape of the drawer creates ample space for storing all bathroom utensils.

Product highlights

Hairdryer shelf behind glass

Endless combinations

Material guide

We can give you countless ways of matching our furniture to your personal preference.



glass white
Acrylic stone white