Living areas

Holztisch mit schwarzer geschwungenen Sitzbank und Stühlen vor Esszimmerschrank

Dining rooms

The dining room as a place of eating culture. Fluid wooden textures not only set the stage for occasional furniture, they also bring the authenticity of renewable raw materials to your home.

Dunkles Sofa und Teppisch vor Holzwohnwand mit grauem Hängeelement und Fernseher

Living rooms

There's a place for clarity of design and contemporary style in every home. Solid wooden furniture from Voglauer fits perfectly into open-plan room structures and creates an architectural quality in h

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Human beings spend about a third of their lives in the bedroom - not only for sleeping, but also reading, watching television, having breakfast or playing with the children.

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Clearly structured hallway furniture from Voglauer offers the right shelf for every preference and storage option.


Our unique bathroom concepts combine wooden textures with basins in acrylic stone or glass to convey a new sense of well-being.

What makes Voglauer so unique.



Taking into account the green and social environment, natural wood is processed ecologically and, at the same time, creates a healthy and balanced indoor climate because wood, as a natural building material, provides energy, warmth and a sense of well-being.



As a traditional manufacturer of natural wooden furniture, Voglauer demonstrates time and again that authenticity, innovation and modern design are no contradiction.



Our furniture is made by people who practise the craft in the region. This can be felt through clever functions for added convenience whereby, in addition to contemporary design, exacting demands are also placed on functionality and ergonomics.

Right at the heart of the Alps,

this is where Voglauer produces its popular lines that are modelled on nature.

Now take a look at all of our various furniture lines - there's something for every taste.

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