Voglauer has been paying tribute to the raw material of wood for 90 years. The small carpentry business in the Abtenau municipality of Austria has grown into an internationally successful company employing over 400 members of staff, and is known above all for the innovative way in which it interprets Alpine elements. To this very day, Voglauer has remained a family-run business.

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What we do

Voglauer produces unique works of nature with true craftsmanship and in timeless design at the foot of the Dachstein mountain.

What makes Voglauer so unique.



Taking into account the green and social environment, natural wood is processed ecologically and, at the same time, creates a healthy and balanced indoor climate because wood, as a natural building material, provides energy, warmth and a sense of well-being.



As a traditional manufacturer of natural wooden furniture, Voglauer demonstrates time and again that authenticity, innovation and modern design are no contradiction.



Our furniture is made by people who practise the craft in the region. This can be felt through clever functions for added convenience whereby, in addition to contemporary design, exacting demands are also placed on functionality and ergonomics.


founded by Sebastian Gschwandtner. 1939... Markus Gschwandtner and David Zwilling enter the company, the three-man business is initially located in the Voglauer mill house in picturesque Abtenau.

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Mann fährt mit Schlitten auf dem Baumstämme transpirtiert werden über Schnee in schwarz weiß
Männer arbeiten im Betrieb mit Holz in schwarz weiß


Company founded by Sebastian Gschwandtner, Markus Gschwandtner and David Zwilling.

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Two business areas: "Voglauer Hotel Concept" and "Voglauer Furniture" and further brand expansion.

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"Voglauer Hotel Concept" specialises in individually tailored room concepts and "Voglauer Furniture" in furniture made of natural wood with a focus on design excellence.

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Architekt bei einer Planung

... until today

And today too, Voglauer is still a family-run company that continues to produce in its home town of Abtenau. And does so, in spite of a 75 per-cent export share. Voglauer is branching out in many different directions and remains dynamic.

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Business Unit Manager

Martin R. Fütterer

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Sales Director D/A/CH

Daniel Wallinger

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Sales Director International

Franz Rungger

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Voglauer has received many prizes and awards.

Many accolades, such as design and innovation prizes as well as prizes for social commitment to employees underscore Voglauer's competence as a company.

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Iconic Award

2019: chair V-Aura

2018: table V-Cube

2017: wing chair V-Cube

2016 Selection: table and chair V-Organo

Iconic Awards innovative interior Logo
Red Dot

2015 Honorable Mention: bench V-Solid

2011: product design

Red Dot Logo
German Design Award

2016: bench V-Solid

2015 special mention: spin chair V-Alpin

2013: Spirit I

German Design Award Logo
interior innovation award

2015: bench V-Solid

2014: spin chair V-Alpin

2012: shelf Spirit I

interior innovation award Logo

2019: Business award

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Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg

2015: apprenticeship training company of the year

Lehrbetrieb des Jahres 2015
Focus Open

2015 special mention: chair V-Solid

2014 special mention: spin chair V-Alpin

Focus Open Logo
Made in Austria

Voglauer furniture from Austria. This is where you will be purchasing the ultimate in quality and natural authenticity!

Everything we are is rooted in our origins.

In the mighty mountain landscape, amid living nature. That's why our furniture is so compelling. It's traditional, it's Alpine, it's authentic.

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