19 November 2019

Voglauer honours members of staff for 1020 years of company loyalty

As every year, loyal members of staff are honoured for their commitment and longstanding loyalty to the company.
Gruppenfoto aller geehrten Mitarbeiter von Voglauer

As part of the staff galaon 08.11.2019, Managing Director Peter Grünwald and representatives of shareholder families Gschwandtner, Zwilling and Spannberger expressed their thanks and appreciation to 34 members of staff for their many years of loyalty to the company. In addition to honours for service anniversaries, we also thanked our retirees who entered well-deserved retirement in the past working year!

Tremendous importance is also attached to apprenticeship training at Voglauer. At the employee honours award ceremony 3 apprentices were congratulated on passing their final exams. The company is currently training 16 apprentices and fosters "apprenticeship with higher school certificate".

"Giving committed employees the chance to develop in our company is the basis for strong innovation and service excellence as well as high product quality. It is all the better to see that our employees constantly use the many openings we offer, such as the Voglauer Academy."
Peter Grünwald, Managing Director  

Abtenau's mayor and provincial parliament member Ing. Johann Schnitzhofer, the Chamber of Labour represented by Working Group Vice President Othmar Danninger and Master of the Guild Government Commissioner Herbert Sigl took part in the event.

45 years of company loyalty:

Kraft Matthias, Petritz Josef

40 years of company loyalty:

Grünwald Franz, Windhofer Josef

35 years of company loyalty:

Feiser Andreas, Quehenberger Simon, Grünwald Peter, Waclawek Maria, Hillinger Ferdinand, Windhofer Reinhard, Lindenthaler Erich

30 years of company loyalty:

Bergschober Reinhard, Russegger Lorenz, Buchegger Eduard, Schlager Georg, Buchegger Helmut, Schnitzhofer Johann, Dygruber Martin, Wallinger Christian, Lienbacher Reinhard, Wintersteller Rupert, Lienbacher Rupert

25 years of company loyalty:

Bergschober Daniela, Quehenberger Reinhard, Buchegger Monika, Reschreiter Josef, Hirscher Andrea, Rettenbacher Herbert, Putz Andreas

20 years of company loyalty

Auer Martin, Lienbacher Manuel, Gsenger Christian, Zwilling Josef, Lienbacher Gerhard

Completion of apprenticeship training:

Reiter Lisa, Eder Hanna, Oberauer Matthias

Farewell to retirees:

Bergschober Daniela, Lessinnes Georges, Essl Norbert, Petritz Josef, Kraft Gertraud, Pichler Helene, Kraft Matthias, Rettenbacher Josef, Kraft Matthias